A new set being constructed

Ok everyone, I started my set. The basic idea is a bunch of puppets sliding down a grassy hill side having great fun. I started by adding two pieces of granite turned so the shiny side is hidden. This is a great rough surface for some mountain side or building. Kinda expensive but I had some left over from a kitchen job.

Add some styrofoam, cut to rough shape.

Add some paper mache to cover all the styrofoam.

Mix up some earthy looking paint, brown or greenish.

Base coat the mountain

Drybrush on some brown

Drybrush on some different colors, mostly browns and greens.

Mix up some white glue and water. I dumped some of the ground texture in there too for fun.

This is the textures I used. I got them from a hobby store where they sell railroad supplies.

Mix them up in a big bag.

Brush on the glue mixture and sprinkle the texture on. Let dry, brush off the excess and reapply to fill in any holes.

It is really starting to look like a grassy hillside.

Here is a closeup of the textures.

Add a puppet.

In this shot with the flash you can see some areas on the front that need some more work. I will probably add some larger rocks or more dirt later.

Go ahead, make a mess, have some fun.

4 responses to “A new set being constructed

  1. Hey John – nice blog!

    It looks like you won’t be using any tiedowns? How do you plan to secure these guys?


  2. castlegardener

    No tiedowns, just a flying rig for the sled which I will remove later in Photoshop


  3. i was about to ask the same thing about tie-downs, i thought maybe you had cut out the back side after you were done sculpting. which i guess could be an option if you wanted to use he same set.


  4. Hey, just wanted to say these pictures and process are awesome. I had to construct a mountain as part of a display I was making, and this really helped me get some creative ideas. Thanks a ton.


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