Demolition of a puppet set

I finished my latest short “A Public Safety Announcement” and it was time to take down the set. Here are some photos behind the scenes of the set coming down. This first photo is before any demo work was done.

The tools are ready and the statue is broken free.

The statue is on a styrofoam base and it came up in one piece.

The top parapet comes down in a bunch of unusable pieces.

The front gate section comes apart in one whole piece, which will be easily reusable one day.

Most of the rock castle wall is gone. The painting on the background is from my last film before this which I worked on with Ron Cole, “The Third Necessity”.

Only a few sections of rock wall are left. I managed to get the piece on the left out in one big piece intact.

Nothing left now but bare walls and scraps of styrofoam.

The props go in a box outside to be stored until I need them again in the future.

Hope you enjoyed the deconstruction. Please return all hardhats to the front desk as you leave.

One response to “Demolition of a puppet set

  1. (^ I always make a ritual
    (^ out of turning off the lights.
    (^ it helps remind me where the switch is.

    (^ time lapsing a demolition takes too long,
    (^ but it’s still easier to then reverse the film and play back the final set magically coming back
    than trying to time lapse the building in the first place.

    (^ ..i guess I’m a bit of a reverse engineer-err.

    (^ thanks for the stot of the fallen over statue.


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