Mysterious Ron and Elise’s son V’s interview (Devan)

In an attempt to interview people from all levels of experience, next on our list Isomer’s son. He has just been animating a few weeks and has just completed a few test clips. Here are his responses

1. You are just getting into animation. You have made a few tiny short clips. What has been the hardest part?

Well, the hardest portion of my work has been dealing with clay. Mainly the armatures, but also, when I move something, the object itself changes its local. I experimented with flying, but gravity took care of THAT idea!

2. After you finished your animation how did you feel about the process?

As of what I feel after producing a test clip, I want to shoot more! Any time I finish, I just want to give maybe a few more frames for good luck. Add maybe a frame to fix up that shot. I also feel that it isn’t a film, but reality, like it really happened.

3. You are the son of a famous special efx guy, any plans to work in this field when you get older?

Probably for a career, stop motion will be a side job, going along with the arts in general. My thought is a balance between cgi and the traditional forms of entertainment.

4. With all those fancy video games out there, what draws you to stopmotion?
Your question concerning what brought me to this field, instead of the new high tec video games, is that the games are nice and all, but making them is better. To create a project is far better than to merely watch the finished product.

5 Most of us are old and we have no idea what todays kids are into. Can you tell us what people of your age are interested in these days?

People of the generation of the current status are interested in relationships- to the extreme. They discuss matters that your generation would be embarrassed to even think about. It is the shock value that has encouraged generations of our time to get into arguments with the previous. They also love their games, food, and traveling in relation to competition. They also are so different because the parents do not check what it is that they buy for their children. The kids get what they want when they want, or they get super mad. So most parents- as to avoid a big conflict- buy the kid the thing they’ve been begging for for them to spend a million dollars, so the item can collect dust when the NEW thing comes out. That is the proper definition for this generation.

6. Have you seen any good videos, films or shorts lately?

Well, my Dad’s short is a good one, I can tell you that!! Good clips are easy to find, yet they come in bundles. My dad showed me one a while ago- the proposed first try at clay. The residual motion was fantastic. As I stated earlier, they are easy to find.

7. If we could make a tutorial to help out beginners like you, what would it be?

A tutorial for beginners would at best be to explain what to expect to go wrong, and how to overcome it. The rest should for most come naturally. If you want to go into this field, you do not have to go very far to find put the basic mechanics of the system.

8. What is something that you think my generation doesn’t understand about you and your friends.?

This may seem obvious, but the thing your generation does not take into account, is that my generation was raised in the proverbial bubble environment. This generation does not face nearly as many hardships as yours. I SHOULD KNOW

9. Any goals for your stopmotion animations?

My goal for my stop motion career is to get to a point where I can make a good living off it, so as not to put all my eggs in one basket. As I stated earlier, I will go into many fields.

10. My final question will be about the resurgence of this field. I feel that if you want to help this generation to get back into this art, then show them how to do animation in the computer. Show them how to do the stop motion physically, then show them how to enhance it with the computer. My thought is that you want a balance with the traditional arts, and the new fields.

I Thank Castlegardener for these questions. I will continue on my path and pursue greater.

One response to “Mysterious Ron and Elise’s son V’s interview (Devan)

  1. Hey, maybe if the kid gets really serious about this stuff I’ll be able to get some HELP on my films. Then again, he may out-do me and take over, I’d better be careful what I wish for!


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