Olie (SkullnBone) interview

Olie just joined us and posted a few photos of his new castle set and told us stories of his knight puppet he is working. He was the newest poster on the list at the time so I sent him an interview also.

1 What hand tools and power tools do you have access to?

My Dad’s garage! I use a Range of tools, from Portable Drills/Dremel Type Cutters/sanders to Jigsaws and I can also work a Lathe (yet to use something lathe-d in a project!)

2 Where do you buy your supplies locally?

There’s a few local art-supply shops that I frequent for bits and bobs, a Shop called ‘Range’ has quite a good Kids section, where you can get anything from Plaster of paris, ‘craft wire,’ plastiscene and Fimo etc, but here in the UK it can be quite expensive for ‘the Key materials’ so I find myself shopping about quite a bit – What I would give for a stocked supply room!

3 Have you ever ordered any parts or supplies online and if so, what?

When I was First beginning I bought a couple of DIY armature Kits, they were useful in showing me what not to do, due to being quite an unreliable product, I have Made my own Custom Armatures since then. I have Used Ebay for Bulk ordering of Plastiscene which was quite beneficial because of the abilities to buy multicoloured/Metallic blocks and ‘people shades’ blocks

4 What are some of your strengths or assets that you bring to this craft?

When I tell people about what is entailed in my projects, they say that they “would not have the patience” and would “get bored” but I’ve always found working on models, set building, taking a picture -moving it a bit – taking a picture – moving it abit, Relaxing and Fun. Since an Early age I have always been making or modifying things and in school worked on many stage productions making Sets/backdrops/scenery and props whilst also working with DMX Lighting rigs and queue programming etc also including stage management/organising in general. I Did Drama and Theatre Studies in school and Film Studies (With Film + Tv Production) in college and at university – I have always thought I apply my knowledge better in a practical way and each of the subjects I have taken has helped me with my skills, I have always been a more hands-on kinda person which although has hidered my results – due to the Written and exam based assesed nature of College and Uni- If i could make a film in the style of a german Film Noir Homaging and Using Filming Techniques/styles etc I could do It, and Learn/understand it, Write an essay about it and you get 3000 words of rushed Dribble which normally results in scraping a pass!

5 What are some things you would like to work on?

I probably sound like a complete ‘mainstream’ newbie but I would like to work on a Tim Burton animation, I have always thought that the animations seem so ‘fluid’ and well produced, Growing up with the emergence of aardman and the wallace and gromit films, in turn would be a great honour to work for. I would also like to work on a Live action film, encorporating Harryhausen-esque animation into it – a Revolution I say! Bring it back on a large scale! I mean the abilities of CG is good but I think that it has overtaken the industry as an easy way out, don’t get me wrong, I still like it and all but I think that animation brings a whole new type of realism to a film

6 Are there any recent stopmo animations you have seen that you really liked?

On Youtube I have a few favourite videos that I like, one called ‘harmonica’ which I like the animation for and others that are good for sets etc. The bunny advert for some TVs is really good too, I liked the fact that they filmed it on the street and not in a fake studio set. I really liked the horror werewolf style of the curse of the were-rabit and i thought it was really well written.

7 What is your camera setup and software that you use?

I currently have a Samsung Pro815 SLR and a Sony DSC SR90e, I have Recently been using them for making music videos and band Photography, the Software that I use ranges from Photoshop to the best crappy Video Editing software I could afford – ‘Pinnacle Studio 10’ I also have a couple of webcams and often use free frame-grabbing software (or just wing it!)

8 What do you think would be the hardest thing to animate?

I think the hardest thing to animate would be a ‘realistic’ cloud of smoke or matching Music to animated players so that they would be playing in time etc

9 With so many Ipods and video games out there, why are you doing stop motion?

To begin with, I have Boycotted Ipods from day one due to their price and the fact that they are seen as a fashion icon, Video Games haven’t really been my style, I play the odd bit of warhawk but I think that I have too many things already taking up my time as it is! Since I was young and first saw Jason and the argonauts I have always been a fan and due to the hassle of working with actors and arranging shooting times etc I felt like a break. At University the option of making a short film as means of assesment came about which isn’t worth much of my grade but I am seeing it as more of my degree piece due to not being a writer.

10 Where Now?

Where Now? back to work on essays to try and pass my Uni course, a year of crappy 9-5 and then hopefully to Film School in Australia for a year. Then, the world is my Hamster (Oysters dont agree with everyone)

Thanks Olie for your replies.

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