Mark Lagana (Mlagana) interview

1 What hand tools and power tools do you have access to?

A: my nonno and grandfather were cabinet makers, my father an engineer and later wood/metal tech/engineering science teacher, so we have accumulated alot of tools, between family and friends, and the workshop at my old uni, there’s nothing i don’t have access to. the ones i mostly use at home are drill press, disc sander/grinder, dremel, table saw, 4 vices set up, umm 2 power drills are handy, BIG PLASTIC CLIPS are handy, jewelery saw, helping hand (home made)

2 Where do you buy your supplies locally?
have a great metal shop nearby, but most things i need are half hour or so away by train in the city of sydney

3 Have you ever bought any supplies online and what?
too much to recount, just bought some 302 stainless balls from the states, some m2.5 countersunk allen key head screws from england, i could buy all my supplies online.. but i enjoy going to newtown for my silicone !

4 What is your favorite/standard puppet construction?
A: fave? haven’t mastered B&S armatures yet but i think BandS + silicone + material clothes

5 What camera and software setup do you use?
A: Panasonic PV-GS300 in the past, SONY DSC-V2 at the moment. frametheif, final cut, cubase.

6 What is one of your biggest weaknesses in animating or studio setup? How do you deal with this?
A: armatures. my puppets ankles break after a couple of walk sequences, i spent much of last year repairing various limbs mostly ankles. hopefully soon i’ll be using ball and socket

7 What is one of your biggest strengths or assets, and how do you utilize this?
A: hmmm i’m a very observant person, i remember strange things strangers say and am always scriptwriting in my head

8 What about this process do you enjoy the most?
A: probably when people say “that was soo good mark how did you do it you’re so talented”. i love animating, actually pushing puppets and becoming better at staying in deep concentration for long periods of time, and i’ve also come to enjoy puppetmaking, b&s armature making is growing on me too.

9 Name some goals you have in this field.
A: i would like one day to work on a big studio feature length

and also i’de like to independently make a feature length (probably collaborating with friends)

and i think i would enjoy teaching stopmotion, at a university level. teaching is in my blood and i love stopmotion

10 Write and answer your own final question.

q. what’s the most important best thing about filmaking?

a. stop animation


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