Ethan Bartholomae

1 What hand tools and power tools do you have access to?
Um anything I can find and afford really, although I mainly use the simple hacksaw, hot glue gun, X-Acto knife.

2 Where do you buy your supplies locally?
There is a hardware store about 15 minutes away from the studio that I buy most of my hardware and lighting and such. Also right next-door is a shipping supplies store that will just give me free recycled StyroFoam.

3 Have you ever bought any supplies online and what?
Yes, a few surface gages.

4 What is your favorite/standard puppet construction?
Wire armature and clay, simplest stuff, although I have tried DragonSkin before which I like and might start using more often.

5 What camera and software setup do you use?
A Panasonic SDR-S10, with Digital Flip-book and many other programs for different steps.

6 What is one of your biggest weaknesses in animating or studio setup? How do you deal with this?
Space, I never have enough room. To overcome this problem I would take the studio on the road and find building that would allow us to work in.

7 What sort of goals have you set for yourself?
Completing the three films I’m working on. Hoping for at least StreetCop to be a huge success.
And getting my girlfriend to find her true self, hopefully bringing her out of this gloomy trance she is currently in.

8 What about this process do you enjoy the most?
Everything but re-shoots. I especially enjoy seeing the final cut, then thinking back to how it was originally a lump of clay and wire, then seeing it as close to life-like as possible.

9 What would be a great compliment on your work?
An Emmy, simply that.

10 Write and answer your own final question.

10: What is your favorite quote of all time? And why?

“Life is like a box of chocolates… you never know whatcha gonna get.”
-Forest Gump
Because it seems inspirational, like with this morning for example, I never thought I was going to have two warblers crash into my window.

–B&B Studios–
Ethan Bartholomae

B&B Studios;


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