Nellybob’s interview

The questions come from Nellybob who has impressed us all with puppets lately and tiny boots.

1 What hand tools and power tools do you have access to?

A. Various tools I have collected over the years from mini metal files to a rotary saw, I’ve scratch built model boats since I was a teenager and built “O” Gauge diesel U. K locomotives for a few years.

2 Where do you buy your supplies locally?

A great little railway modellers shop and B&Q

3 Have you ever bought any supplies online and what?
Yes aluminium wire, chroma green paint, and other stuff from Flints U. K.
And of course eBay.

4 what is your favourite/standard puppet construction?

Now its aluminium wire with brass bones and foam build up

5 What camera and software setup do you use?

I use a Nikon D 70 with a 55 mm macro lens, a Dell laptop running Animator DV connected to a Philips web cam and Fusen viewfinder as an assist, Photoshop and Quicktime Pro.

6 What is one of your biggest weaknesses in animating or studio setup? How do you deal with this?

I am impatient, I want results now but I am learning the hard way, very slowly to be patient, and the fruits of my labour will come.

7 What is one of your biggest strengths or assets, and how do you utilize this?

I just like to keep trying, never give up; my latest short is Robert the Bruce and the spider which is an allegorical legend of King Robert the Bruce. After being defeated again against the English, while fleeing he sees a spider making several attempts to spin a web each time failing and having to start again……to cut a long legend short the king later told his men never to give up, “If at first you don’t succeed, try ,try try, and try again”. Good advice for an animator I thought.

8 what great storylines do you have kicking around?

I have decided to use existing folklore and legends such as Robert and the spider, If this goes as to plan then I would like to animate the tale of The Sawney Bean, The story of Sawney Bean is one of the most gruesome Scottish legends, the plot of which would not look out of place in any modern horror/slasher movie. Evidence suggests the tale dates to the early 18th century.

Alexander Sawney Bean was – legend tells – the head of an incestuous cannibalistic family, who oversaw a 25-year reign of murder and robbery from a hidden sea cave on the Ayrshire/Galloway coast in the 15th century. The cave most readily associated with Sawney and his nefarious clan is close to Ballantrae on Bennane head in Ayrshire, although other sea caves along the Ayrshire and Galloway coast have also been associated with the story.

9 What is the greatest compliment someone can pay to you after watching your film?

It made me laugh or cry or scared I would rather touch emotions than be complimented on my nice green screen attempt.

10 Write and answer your own final question.

Why do you do stop motion animation.

A. It’s a hobby for Me , which involves most of my other hobbies, photography, model making, painting, computers, and other stuff, so I get a chance to still do My other hobbies but the result comes together in something others can I hope enjoy.

One response to “Nellybob’s interview

  1. the story with the spider is indeed a beautiful allegory !

    and then the story about the cannibal tribe in Scotland. Wow. Reading up blogs bit by bit can be very rewarding though one never knows what he might suddenly come across…

    I really like how the ideas turn out


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